While there are countless books, videos, websites and other material on the topics of sexual abuse and sexual assault, we wanted to make available those resources which seem to be the most beneficial.  At it is not our objective to try to “fix” you or to solve all of your “issues”, we understand that we are all broken people in one way or another. We recognize that millions of women and men privately struggle with their brokenness and as a result carry unnecessary pain, shame and even guilt; often turning to unhealthy behavior and addictions. Our purpose is only to assist you in finding healing, recovery and freedom that alludes so many after having been sexually abused or assaulted. Here are a few resources:


Victims No More: Participant Manual (SAVAnon healing curriculum)

Rewriting Your Emotional Script by Becky Harley

Beauty for Ashes by Joyce Meyer

Total Forgiveness by R.T. Kendall

Repressed Memories by Renee Fredrickson, PhD

Love Gone Wrong by Laural Bahr