Sexual Abuse Victims Anonymous

SAVAnon.Org is the official website of Sexual Abuse Victims Anonymous (SAVAnon).


The purpose of SAVAnon is to create awareness regarding the emotional harm caused by sexual abuse and sexual assault, and to provide a path to healing and recovery for those affected.


SAVAnon serves any victims of child sexual abuse, adult sexual abuse, sexual assault, survivors of sexual violence including rape or date rape.  We also provide resources for women who are or have been victims of sexual exploitation, sex trafficking or forced prostitution.


SAVAnon is a safe place. Our volunteers and staff have all been touched by or have been a victim of sexual abuse/assault in one way or another. We understand that sexual abuse/assault is a deeply sensitive and personal topic that affects every victim in profound and differing ways.


At SAVAnon we understand that many victims of sexual assault and abuse live with tremendous shame, guilt, secrecy and regret and often turn to harmful coping methods and behaviors. We will never judge or condemn you or betray your trust; we simply offer compassion, healing and a path to recovery.


We believe that no one can be sexually abused or assaulted and remain unaffected so don’t believe the lie we often tell ourselves, “I’ve already dealt with that part of my life.”


Our services are completely free, so whether your sexual abuse/assault occurred a month ago or fifty years ago, contact us today.



For immediate assistance, please contact us HERE.