My Foolish Moment

After arriving home following a recent AbAnon/SAVAnon Board meeting I thought I should share something with my wife.

“But he dared me to do it!” I exclaimed, as Sue shook her head and told me what a foolish thing I’d just done.  Let me explain.

At the AbAnon/SAVAnon monthly Board meeting last week we discussed the impact Covid-19 was having on the organization; most of the conversation was very positive and our reasons to celebrate included:

  • Explosive growth throughout the USA,  Just in the last month we have had new chapter inquiries from Kentucky, Connecticut, Texas, New Mexico, New York, Montana, Idaho, and Florida.  We’ve also had inquiries in the last month from Australia and Canada.
  • We were forced to fast forward our plans to have more online groups, this has resulted in achieving group dynamics that are much better than we thought possible.
  • We were forced to fast forward our online Facilitator Training and that too is working extremely well.
  • We have completely overhauled our Referral Intake process which better screens our referrals so that our limited number of online groups, with limited number of participants, are filled with only those who are truly “Group Ready.”
  • Completion of our SAVAnon curriculum for men just a few days ago.
  • Donations from individuals, businesses and churches has never been better.

So, you’re probably still wondering, “What is the foolish thing he did?”  Great question…here it is.

Overall, things are going very well for AbAnon/SAVAnon…except one thing.  Covid-19 has forced us to cancel three fundraising events this year and these events typically account for 40% of our annual budget.  Without these funds our reserves have been reduced to the point where we only have the funds needed to operate for another two months.  We need to raise another $40K to get us through this year

After the Board meeting last week one of the Board Members, Whit Bendewald, came to me with a challenge, “Why don’t you and I have a contest to see who can raise the most money over the next three weeks…LOSER SHAVES HIS HEAD.”  Of course I’m a red-neck at heart so I quickly responded. “You’re on.”  I later heard that Whit’s wife’s response was similar to my wife’s response😊

Please allow me to make one thing perfectly clear…I DO NOT WANT TO SHAVE MY HEAD!  I’m not a very good-looking man but the one thing I’m thrilled to have at my age is a full head of hair.  It may be mostly grey but at least I have it.

So, to my friends who are receiving this email and would like me to keep my hair, I ask (beg) you to immediately send a donation to AbAnon/SAVAnon.  Any size donation will help.  You can mail it to the address below or simply click on this link to donate online:

To my more sinister friends who actually would prefer me to experience baldness, maybe you’re jealous of my full head of hair, you too can  make a donation but make a note in the comments section that your donation is towards Whit’s efforts, just type or write in “Whit”.  My hope is that Whit has as many friends who’d like to see him bald as I do who’d like to see me bald.

You would not be getting this email if I didn’t think you cared about AbAnon/SAVAnon and the last thing I want is for any of our loyal partners to feel pressured, manipulated or guilted to donate to our organization any amount of money that is different than what they cheerfully desire to give.  Some of you have been abundantly blessed and desire to help out in a major way.  Some of you can joyfully send $100 or $200 without feeling any real pain.  But we also understand that there are people out there who truly support our efforts but, because of the crisis our nation is experiencing, cannot give even $20.  Please, do not give ANY amount that you do not feel good about or cannot afford; God will provide through others who CAN afford to cheerfully give.

Last year my wife experienced baldness due to chemo treatments; wigs are available, this we know.  So if I end up shaving my head I know it’s not the end of the world and that I can draw on her courageous experience.  I pray that you are well and safe.  May god bless each of you.

Enjoy this short video about what is going on with AbAnon/SAVAnon:

Perry Underwood, Executive Director

Abortion Anonymous Inc. (AbAnon)
Sexual Abuse Victims Anonymous (SAVAnon)

PO Box 11664Spokane Valley, WA 99211

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