And the Winner Is …

Anyone who has been closely following the ongoings at AbAnon/SAVAnon lately would know that one of our Board Members, Whit Bendewald challenged our Executive Director, Perry Underwood to a fundraising competition.  2020 has been a record-breaking year for donations from individuals but the increased donations hadn’t been quite enough to cover the loss of funding caused by the coronavirus and the related restrictions that prevented us from holding our annual fundraiser.

The challenge by Whit was to see who could raise the most money during the month of September to cover an anticipated $40K budget shortfall…winner shaves the head of the loser.

Between the two contestants almost $23K was raised over and above our normal monthly donations; a very successful fundraiser considering how little time and cost were required.  Another benefit of this contest was that several new monthly donors were added, strengthening our financial position going forward.


Congratulations to Perry, the victor.  You can watch a bit of trash-talking as Perry shaves Whit’s head in this short video

Thanks to all of you who donated as part of this contest and a special thanks to our contestants who risked their hair so that women and men throughout the world could begin the path to healing from the emotional trauma caused by abortion and sexual abuse.

There is some chatter about a “Revenge Challenge” but that might be just the “Young Buck” not knowing that, “You don’t mess with the Old Fart.”



By joining our Once A Month Club you have the opportunity to leave a legacy of healing and
give the opportunity for others to change the legacy of their lives and families.

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