Our Voice – July 2020

July is typically the month we celebrate freedom. We have a front row seat to see God bring freedom and healing to our participants. We wanted to take some time and celebrate together what God is doing in so many lives through SAVAnon and ABAnon.  —Rachel Bren

“After participating I feel a sense of freedom.”


ABAnon participant from New York— Before joining this group I was continuing to work through the program and find grace through faith.  My goal was to pay close attention to how the group was facilitated; however, I spent more time healing and growing personally.  I understand it’s an ever-changing process. After participating in this group, I feel like challenging ideas will always come up, but through the grace of God, I’ll meet each challenge appropriately.  I feel like I can know and love more people than I’ve ever imagined.

This group has helped me realized the many different point of views stories, hurts, pains, but most of all that love knows no bounds.  The zoom calls were organized, and everyone gave priority and attention.

SAVAnon participant in Cincinnati— Before joining this group I was unsure how to process trauma. I was living very unaware of my trauma and how it was impacting my life. I was stuck!  After participating I finally see my trauma for what it is. I finally feel like God is bringing a light to my trauma and abuse. I’ve healed in so many ways and have started the process in others.

This group has helped affirm me in my struggles and heal me from feeling judged. I understand my abuse in a whole new way that looks like hope instead of darkness. I am finally excited to seek counseling instead of feeling fear.

ABAnon participant in Texas— Before joining this group I was spiraling out of control and not able to deal with my emotions. After participating in this group I feel a lot stronger! Like, so much weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I’m almost me again and I can breathe.

SAVAnon participant in Montana— Before joining this group I was scared, alone and feeling like no one understood.  After participating I feel welcomed, loved and accepted and on the path of healing. This group has helped me feel accepted and like I’m part of a family; that my emotions and feelings are normal.

SAVAnon participant in Washington— Before joining this group I felt trapped and alone. I had a lot of unforgiveness and bitterness and didn’t know where to start with processing and healing. After participating I feel a lot less alone and more free than trapped. I feel like there is hope for healing now. I feel stronger than I did before and less burdened with unforgiveness and bitterness.

This group has helped put physical truth to the knowledge that I’m not alone. It helped me begin pursuing healing and closure.

SAVAnon participant in Washington— Before joining this group I felt angry, scared and set off all the time by PTSD. After participating I feel relieved – giving my anger over to God and forgiving myself. I have stopped believing the devil’s lies.

This group has helped me to be open about my life and my experiences. I have learned to start trusting people.

SAVAnon participant in Nevada— Before joining this group I was convinced I didn’t have story to tell; that it was all my fault. After participating I know it wasn’t my fault and I didn’t ask for it.

This group helped me realize I will be okay and I can get better.

SAVAnon participant in Australia— Before joining this group I had not heard very many abuse stories or been involved in any sexual abuse groups. It was a wonderful experience with loving facilitators. After participating I feel very motivated to facilitate healing and helping within my own church.

This group helped me realize that I want to become more involved in that area of people’s needs.

ABAnon participant in Ukraine— Before this group I was feeling very sad and alone, like I didn’t really have anyone who could really understand or empathize with what I’ve gone through.  I was suffering in silence for the most part, only finding partial; solace in books, online forums and group.  It wasn’t enough for me.  I needed to be in an environment where I could actually see other post-abortive women and hear their stories and share mine.

After participating I feel I feel less isolated and I also feel more love and support than I did before.  I have more hope that I can actually get through this healing journey and that there is a group of wonderful women who care about me and will be there for me when I need them.  I feel stronger right now than I did before joining the group.

This group helped me to process my healing in a loving and supportive environment.  It has helped me to see that there is hope, and that I don’t have to suffer alone.  It has helped me realize that other post-abortive women share a lot of the same struggles I have but that healing is possible.

SAVAnon participant in Chili— Before joining this group I was not dealing with my abuse and was just pushing it and repressing it. After participating I feel a sense of freedom.

This group helped me. Sharing my story has really helped me to experience freedom by going to the time frame of the abuse, dealing with the details so that I can leave it and move on.

“This group helped me see that there is hope and that healing is possible!”

“This group has helped me put physical truth to the knowledge that I’m not alone.”

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